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The Restaurant
We are in business to help tenants succeed

We focus on tenant's needs and look to the future.

Retailers’ approach to real estate has changed. In addition to opening new/relocating stores, retailers need to be able to reposition their real estate assets to attract and retain customers and work with other retailers for mutually beneficial results. Defining the next move and how to achieve the desired outcome has changed. The retail companies that continue to succeed understand how to evolve to meet the world’s needs today and have an eye on where it’s going. Fountainhead has evolved to be what retailers need today; a team of highly experienced specialists integrated to accomplish a wide variety of real estate requirements. As the world continues to change, we find ourselves further upstream in strategy, planning and the execution of varied real estate processes.

We succeed when we earn the trust and respect of the tenant.

These are the two most important components that exist within an effective, efficient team. We understand brokers, architects, engineers, and developers do not have jobs until a tenant signs a lease or purchase and sale contract; therefore, we all work for the tenant.  This concept is omnipresent in every conversation and decision that takes place in our company.

We speak “City”.

We consider each City and County unique and believe that thoroughly understanding a municipalities’ hopes, goals, and personnel is key to securing the approvals our tenants need to succeed.  We are in the Conditional Use Permit delivery service for our tenants and consider our ability second-to-none in this endeavor. After 25 years in the industry, we see one consistent theme in the process of securing entitlements; and that is, both Tenant and City requirements grow more sophisticated every year. We approach properties with environmental concerns as an opportunity and have significant experience with past or present environmental challenges.  Our ability to address and mitigate environmental concerns has been an important factor in helping our tenants succeed.

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